Cmd-Shift-P, Install Shell Commands


  • oceanic-next-italic
  • railscasts-theme


  • auto-update-packages
  • editor-settings — per-language settings
  • eslint-snippets
  • file-icons
  • language-babel — ES2015 syntax highlighting
  • language-diff
  • language-markdown
  • linter
  • linter-eslint
  • pretty-json
  • platformio-ide-terminal
  • react-snippets

  • NOT prettier-atom - do not install


  • Ansible
    • atom-jinja2
  • Ember
    • atom-handlebars
    • ember-snippets
    • linter-handlebars
  • Docker
    • language-docker
  • HTML
    • linter-tidy (HTML)
  • Ruby
    • language-rspec — syntax highlighting (not a -plus version)
    • ruby-solargraph - code completion and inline docs
    • ruby-test — running RSpec in the editor -
    • NOT linter-rubocop (frequently errors)
  • Vue
    • language-vue


  • sort-lines
  • tabs-to-spaces
  • wordcount


  • Fix errors on save: yes
  • Disable when no ESLint config is found: yes



  • Goal
    • Only format projects that have an explicit prettier config file
  • Avoid prettier-ruby: it has been unreliable and even removed comments at times
  • Settings
    • ESLint Integration: yes
    • Format on Save
      • Format Files on Save—YES
      • Exclude: *.md
      • Only format if Prettier is found in your project’s dependencies—NO (Vue projects have it as a transient dependency)
        • But does seem to need to be installed in node_modules
      • Only format if Prettier config is found
      • Ignore files in node_modules
      • Note that you have to reopen the project in Atom after any config change to detect it
      • Note that, even if using Ruby, you do need to have installed the node_modules or it won’t run

Misc Config

  softWrap: true
  hideVcsIgnoredFiles: false


  • Disable “Use Alternate Scoring” to avoid dop in Ruby
  • Keymap for confirming a suggestion: tab always, enter when explicitly selected

Per-language config (provided by editor-settings plugin)

  • open the command palette. Type Editor Settings: Open Grammar Config and press enter


tabLength: 4

“Exclude VCS Ignored Paths”: true. This prevents search from searching node_modules. At one point it was hiding folders from the tree. But on two laptops in 12/2020 it was not hiding those folders.

Search and Replace


Find: {{paper-icon "(.+)"}}
Replace: <AppIcon @icon="$1" />

In Dec 2020 replace-all with a regex match appears broken: it always uses the placeholder from the very first match. To work around, run one at a time.