Back 4 Blood

Card System

  • Cards give you bonuses
  • A deck is set of cards that are available to you in a given campaign with the below rules
  • Max 15 cards in a deck
  • No duplicate cards allowed in a deck
  • At the start of a campaign, the top card in your deck will automatically be active, so that is a way to guarantee one you want to have in play
  • At the start of each campaign level
    • The game (the “AI Director”) draws two Corruption Cards (challenges with or without rewards)
    • Then you draw five cards, choose one to keep, and the rest are shuffled back in
      • Conflicting information on if those five cards are totally random, or from the top of the deck
    • The previous level’s cards stay active, so you build more bonuses as you go
  • If you fail a level, you’re given a chance to draw an additional card (unsure if it’s from a set of five)
  • If you run out of cards in your deck, you’re given a selection of miscellaneous bonus ones to choose from
  • Supply Points can be spent on Supply Lines, which give you more cards available to build decks from
    • Before you can choose from three different supply lines, the first supply line is a tutorial. Have we seen this? Have we done this?
  • Some cards affect the whole team; don’t have a lot of details on this. Are you shown all your personal cards and all the team’s cards, but not others’ personal cards? Unsure.