• Document: a string written in “the GraphQL language” that specifies one or more operations. (more info)
  • Field: one bit of data.
  • Mutation: a request to write data.
  • Operation: a query or mutation in a GraphQL document. (more info)
  • Query: a request to read data. Should be idempotent. Requests multiple fields.
  • IDL (Interface Definition Language): another name for SDL
  • Resolver: the implementation of how to retrieve a field. Note that some server implementations such as graphql-ruby automatically implement some resolvers for you or allow lightweight definition inline, so you may only explicitly create a custom Resolver class when more robustness is needed.
  • Root field: a top-level field, directly under Query, Mutation, or Subscription
  • Schema: specifies the capabilities of the API
  • SDL (Schema Definition Language): the syntax for defining GraphQL schemas. (more info)
  • Subscription: a request to receive live updates from the server
  • Type