Interface Builder

  • Open Library: cmd-shift-L, View > Open Library, or plus icon at top-right
    • Keep it open: cmd-option-shift-L
  • Connect outlet: control-drag from ViewController to view
  • Connect action: control-drag from view to ViewController

UI Elements

  • Inspectors area (keyboard shortcut cmd-option-[num])
    1. File inspector
    2. History inspector
    3. Quick help inspector
    4. Identity inspector
    5. Attributes inspector
    6. Size inspector
    7. Connections inspector
  • Constraint menus: see Auto Layout


@IBOutlet var someView: UIView!
@IBAction func someFunc(_ sender: UIButtonOrSomething) {…}


  • Editor
    • Canvas > Bounds Rectangles
    • Embed In (wraps in a VC)