Make IDEs like IntelliJ, RubyMine, and WebStorm.

  • Preferences > Editor > Inlay Hints
    • Parameter names: off
    • Types: off

Why Not to Use RubyMine

  • Something as simple as using git bisect messed up its caches, and it reported that nothing was defined, and could not be fixed
  • Automatically updates Gemfile.lock which is causing problems with branch switching and interactive rebasing


  • Editor
    • Font
      • Font: Dank Mono
      • Size: 16
      • Enable ligatures: checked
    • Inlay Hints: deactivate everything for JS and TS
  • Languages & Frameworks
    • JavaScript
      • Code Quality Tools
        • ESLint
          • Manual ESLint configuration: checked
          • Run eslint –fix on save: checked


  • Multi-select: ctrl-G

Refactoring Support

  • Extract Function called “Extract Method”
  • Reformats code to put in wrong quote types
  • Does not intelligently allow turning an arrow function into a