Trim Video

  • Press X or click razor tool above clip
  • Click within the clip to split it
  • Press S or click selection tool
  • Click part of clip to delete
  • Right click: delete selected item

Adjust Volume on Keyframes

  • Click Effects tab in top-left
  • Search for “volume”
  • Find “Volume (keyframable)” and drag it onto the clip
  • In the bottom-right panel, click the “Effect/Composition” tab and look for the “Volume” row
  • In the small timeline, click at one end of where you want the change to be, and click “Add keyframe”
  • Click at the other end of where you want the change to be and click “Add keyframe”
  • Balls will appear overlayed on the clip itself. Drag up or down to adjust the volume
  • If you play the preview in Kdenlive you will hear the sound difference


  • Project > Render