Key Twitter Differences

  • No quote-tweet (yet)
  • Can’t do a global search (use hashtags instead)
  • Don’t cross-post Twitter cruft

Important Warnings

  • DMs are not DMs


  • Content Warnings
  • Image Descriptions

How to Find People

  • Do an introductions post and include hashtags, then click them. You can follow hashtags now too
  • Choose an instance with some shared interests
  • If you see another instance that seems interesting, bookmark its local timeline. Some non-web clients let you add multiple servers, sometimes even if you don’t have an account on them


  • Don’t expect it to replace Twitter; expect it to be different and good
  • Web
    • Official
    • Pinafore
    • Elk
  • iOS
    • Official
    • Toot!
    • Ivory
  • Android
    • Tusky