Non-Obvious Components

  • Alert: a colored bar
  • Autocomplete
  • Badge: like a notification badge on iOS
  • Chip: a pill-shaped component
  • Dialog: an overlaying menu with content that the user can potentially dismiss
  • Menu: the menu itself, decoupled from what triggers it
    • Example code shows a button that triggers a menu
  • Modal: a low-level utility for displaying content on top of other content, used for Dialog, Menu, etc
  • NativeSelect: uses browser select which affects how the menu shows
  • Select: a dropdown custom-rendered by MUI
  • Popover: more sophisticated content that pops up over other content, and clicking away dismisses it
  • Popper: pop up arbitrary content, and clicking away doesn’t dismiss it
  • Snackbar: a message that appears on an edge of the window, and optionally automatically dismisses
  • Tooltip: show content on hover, by default plain text, with some customization options