• Versioning
    • “Production applications should only use Active LTS or Maintenance LTS releases.”
    • This probably applies most to production Node backends, less so for local dev build tooling
    • But I have seen frontend/RN tools say that only the LTS of Node is supported, not “Current”


  • Sequelize
  • Prisma
    • Pros: handles a lot for you, good TS support, does support resetting database
    • Cons: limits you in what queries you can run beyond the basics, limited down migration support
  • Drizzle
    • Pros: good TS support, lets you run flexible queries
    • Cons: more complex to set up, no down migration support, no automatic DB recreation
  • Adonis
    • Pros: TS native, built-in down migration support, all setup handled for you
    • Cons: depend on them to maintain the whole thing, no well-maintained GraphQL integration