Package Manager

  • sudo apk update
  • sudo apk upgrade
  • sudo apk add

Package Installation

  • Node: sudo apk add nodejs
  • Obsidian: flatpak (froze)
  • Ruby:
    • sudo apk add ruby ruby-dev (very recent)
    • sudo gem update --system
  • Rails: required adding some C build dependencies
    • sudo apk add gcc libc-dev make
    • sudo gem install rails


  • Applications
    • Browser:
      • Firefox
      • Angelfish
      • Chromium: dialog to set a password with no text showing, can’t get out of it, locks device
      • Falkon: UI not good for mobile, seems to be missing some icons
    • Maps: Maps
    • Screenshots: Screenshot
    • Spotify: Spot
    • Weather: Weather (there are two)