From defining post:

  • Expected for all web apps
    • Responsive: to fit any form factor
    • Safe: Served via TLS (a Service Worker requirement) to prevent snooping
    • Linkable: meaning they’re zero-friction, zero-install, and easy to share. The social power of URLs matters.
  • Extra features not PWA-specific
    • App-like-interactions: Adopt a Shell + Content application model to create appy navigations & interactions
    • Re-engageable: Can access the re-engagement UIs of the OS; e.g. Push Notifications
  • PWA distinctive
    • Connectivity independent: Progressively-enhanced with Service Workers to let them work offline
    • Fresh: Transparently always up-to-date thanks to the Service Worker update process
    • Discoverable: Are identifiable as “applications” thanks to W3C Manifests and Service Worker registration scope allowing search engines to find them
    • Installable: to the home screen through browser-provided prompts, allowing users to “keep” apps they find most useful without the hassle of an app store

Why PWAs won’t replace native mobile