React Native A11y


A11y properties

  • accessible: when true, groups children into a single selectable component
  • accessibilityLabel: read for the element. Unclear: if not provided, does it default to all the Text children’s contents?
  • accessibilityHint: explains what accessing it does. Is this too verbose?
  • accessibilityRole: what type of interaction it is. Lots of options: - common ones:
    • button
    • checkbox
    • header
    • image
    • menu
    • progressbar
    • radio
    • radiogroup
    • search
    • switch - a toggle
    • tab
    • tablist
    • text - static text
  • accessibilityState - object with true/false values for disabled, selected, checked, busy, and/or expanded
  • accessibilityValue - at least for sliders like min, max, and now - unclear if needed for text inputs
  • accessibilityElementsHidden - hides this element from screen readers