VS Code Live Share

Allowing Editing

  • Editors: Live Share panel -> Participants -> right-click and choose “Make Read/Write”
  • Terminals: Live Share panel -> Shared Terminals -> right-click and choose “Make Read/Write”

What Is and Isn’t Synced

  • Always
    • State of the code. Others’ cursors and edits show in real time
    • Runtime environment. I believe the node_modules etc are all executed on the host’s machine
  • Optional
    • Which file the driver is in, and scroll position. Click the “pin” icon at top-right of the editor to choose who to follow
  • Never (avaik)
    • Split text editors
    • Which terminal the driver is in (so, it’s better to split terminals than use separate ones)
  • Unknown
    • Font, size, editor theme